Let’s help you get more online visibility through our guaranteed SEO services

SEO is dynamic and requires continuous updates to keep up with the latest search engine algorithms.

Therefore, getting clients to page 1 of Google isn’t our only goal. Keeping them there is equally important.

This kind of result, however, isn’t achieved in a day. First page ranking on Google takes dedicated, consistent work over a period of time.

We offer a guaranteed ranking service on Google

Search Engine Optimization in Lagos Nigeria Ogastartup Digital Solutions

Intensive SEO Implementation

We handle everything required to get you on the first page: On-page SEO, Off-page SEO, Local SEO, E-Commerce SEO, Technical SEO, and SEO-focused Copywriting.

Increased Website Traffic

Our SEO service guarantees explosive (and measurable) growth in traffic. More traffic means more leads and more revenue.

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Yes we do. We have achieved first page ranking for some of the most competitive keywords. We are sure we can achieve this for you.

This depends on how competitive the keywords are. On most campaigns, we achieve first-page ranking within 1-6 months. 

With Google Ads, you pay for every click to your website. With SEO, clicks are free. The advantage of Google Ads over SEO is that your website will show up on Google “instantly”, instead of waiting for SEO to be completed.

You can track ranking yourself by checking Google. There are also many tools that can achieve this. Finally, we also send you monthly reports showing your ranking.

If you offer a service or product that people may search for, then SEO is for you. Considering that many people “google” whatever they need, there’s a high likelihood that your customers are also searching.

SEO Management involves the following:
  • Website improvement of ranking
  • Maintaining first page ranking when achieved
  • Monthly website ranking and traffic report
  • Continuous speed optimization
  • Continuous mobile friendliness optimization
  • Continuous advisory on SEO best-practices
  • Ads management