Guide: How to find your WordPress login url and make it secure

As a website owner, it is important you request for the website login details from the website developer. In most cases you have the username and password but don’t know to access the wordpress login url? Yea, i understand that feeling especially when you are not so good with techs. By default It’s very simple […]

How to Optimize your WordPress Site for Speed in 2021

Welcome to Today’s post, I’m so excited to have you reading this article. I decided to write about practical steps I use to optimize my websites for speed because i keep getting people asking lots of questions about how to make their wordpress website load faster. Before i share these steps with you, do you […]

How to edit Woocommerce product image size with Photoshop

How to edit Woocommerce product image size with Photoshop

In today’s episode of WordPress Website Do It Yourself with Fortune Ossai, I will be sharing simple ways you can edit your Woocommerce product size image with Photoshop CS6. The problem we mostly face working with Woocommerce is making all the product images on the front end appear in the same proportion, yes I know […]

How to Become a WordPress Website Designer in 2021 (My Life Experiences)

Do you know that 37.8% of all websites on the internet is powered by WordPress (according to W3Techs)…WOW I know you must be saying right now, yea Fortune I have heard a lot about WordPress but what does it really mean? What is WordPress? According to Wikipedia, WordPress is a free and open-source content management […]

Do you have a Business without a website?

Are there reasons why you might resist building one for your business: “I’m not tech savvy”, “they’re too expensive”, “I don’t have the time”, or the infamous “I have enough business and I don’t need one”. The reality is, you don’t need to be tech savvy, getting a professional website for your business can be […]